Masters Film LLC is a wrap on shooting only 12 Days on a small budget?

Considering “Masters” the movie; is a full featured film shot using HD, has about 92 scenes, approx. 84 minutes in length, all located in Georgia. Very much has been accomplished, on-time with a twelve day time-frame as plan expected, shooting schedule took place in Atlanta Georgia with the small set budget which remained all on the dot. Turns out it became a phenomenal production that was well coordinated. Story is Written/Directed/Produced by Jason Lau and Head Camera Man Director of Photography; Phillip Ghee which are friends of many years even after the Pre-Production. From working with the movie crew on and off set, it’s been truly an amazing experience working with such great talent, devoted, motivated, incredible people from around the world who believe and support this production to make it all happen. Proof be told by witnessing some of our Pre-Production photos on this website. Currently the film is in Post-Production; Editing done by Jason Lau/Phillip Ghee, with Special Effects Editor Michael DellaPolla. More photos of Pre-Production and Post-Production will be added soon.

We thank you for your support and hard work who helped make this happen,

Gary Malec and the Master Film Movie Production Team

~ by Masters the movie on June 4, 2012.

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