Production Crew

Jason Lau

Jason Lau

Director: Jason Lau

Production Manager: Jason Lau

Producer: Jason Lau

Screenplay: Jason Lau

Story: Jason Lau

Casting Director: Jason Lau

DP: Phillip Ghee

Phillip Ghee

Director of Photography: Phillip Ghee

Frederick Nah

Frederick Nah

  • First Assistant Director: Frederick Nah
Ofu Obekpa

Ofu Obekpa

  • Writer/Editor: Ofu Obekpa
  • Second Assistant Director: Ofu Obekpa
  • Assistant Producer: Ofu Obekpa
  • Assistant Casting Director: Ofu Obekpa
Kris Valeriano

Kris Valeriano

First Assistant Cameraman: Kris Cruz Valeriano

Special Visual Effects

Michael DellaPolla

Special Effects and Photography: Michael DellaPolla

1i Photography

Juan Londono

Photography: 1i Photography by Juan Londono

Kike MoralesPhotography

Kike Morales

Photography: Kike MoralesPhotography by Kike Morales

+MPact Photography

Kathy Doan

Photography: +MPact Photography by Thy (Kathy) Doan

Stunt Choreography, Masters movie, Director, Producer

Jason Lau

Gary Malec, Roland, Stunt Choreography, Masters movie

Gary Malec

Stunt Choreography: Jason Lau, Gary Malec

Martial Arts Choreography: Jason Lau, Gary Malec

Wing Chun Choreography: Jason Lau, Gary Malec

Carlito Arias

Grip: Carlito Arias

Gaffer: Mark Henderson

Ben Teachey

Ben Teachey

Grip: Bennie Teachey

Eboni Knight

Eboni Knight

Sound Audio Coordinator: Eboni Knight

Philip Jun-Yeung Cheung

Philip Jun-Yeung Cheung

Sound Audio: Philip Jun-Yeung Cheung



Sound Audio: Grevork

Freddie Thomas

Freddie Thomas

Head of Security: Freddie Thomas

Steve Burford

Steve Burford

Props: Steve Burford

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